DunMovin’ Dressage Days Results 2022

DunMovin’ Dressage Days Results 2022

Devon Fairgrounds

2022 Results

Dressage at DunMovin
Presented at Devon

2022 Results

Amateur Only Dressage Show
Presented at Devon

Leslie King Award 2022

Pam Murphy and Rosa Cha W, recipients of the Leslie King Award for 2022.

Another year has passed and again it is time to remember Lesley at the DunMovin Dressage Days Amateur Only show with the Lesley King Inspiration Award. Pam Murphy and Rosa Cha rode a beautiful Prix St. George test and earned a score of 67.353% making them once again the recipients of this award.
I asked Pam for her thoughts ………………To have the privilege of riding Rosa Cha W is still somewhat unbelievable to me. When Silva asked me if I wanted the ride on Rosa in December of 2020 of course I said yes. While I was honored that Silva thought I was a good enough rider to handle her, and thankful that I would be riding one of the most talented and tenacious horses I have ever known, I was terrified. Terrified I’d not be ‘good’ enough and equally worried I would disappoint Silva.

Today I feel like I am almost a good enough rider to competently ride and compete Rosa and I am very, very grateful to Silva for her patient coaching and unwavering support and encouragement. Yes I work hard at riding but I would never have made this amount of progress without Silva’s help.

I am also so grateful that Rosa is happy. She seems genuinely glad to have a job teaching me the ropes and I will continue to do whatever I can to keep her healthy (no sugar or grass as she has cushing’s disease – she now has her own round pen with sand), and sound (some of you may remember she foundered on all four hooves so we put mattress-like mats in her stall) and competitive as she is only satisfied with blue and very large beautiful purple ribbons!

Sadly, I did not know Lesley King but I am hopeful she approves of us receiving this award in her memory and I will do my best to follow her example and continue to build on this incredibly special partnership I have with Rosa Cha.

Thank you to Barbara P. Jacobsen from the engraver and Doreen Garland and a large fabulous group of volunteers that continue to put this show together and make it better and better each year.

Congrats Pam and Rosa Cha, I know Les would be happy. 💜

You Win They Win Award 2022 Charities

Below are the charities the winners picked. Each charity received $250.


Exhibitor: Jane McBride
Charity: Thorncroft Equestrian Center

Training Level

Exhibitor: Rob Robillard
Charity: Trevor Project

First Level

Exhibitor: Ashley Kundravi
Charity: MS Society Keystone Chapter

Second Level

Exhibitor: Karen Rubin
Charity: Work to Ride

Third Level

Exhibitor: Aileen Williams
Charity: Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue

Fourth Level

Exhibitor: Sarah Campbell
Charity: Conquer Cancer


Exhibitor: Pam Murphy
Charity: Little Longears Miniature Donkey Rescue

Western Dressage

Exhibitor: Jody Ruth
Charity: Danny & Ron’s Rescue

Western Dressage

Exhibitor: Rachael Harze
Charity: The Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Fund

2022 Performance Awards

Horse Under 16H – Cathy Esibill

Horse Over 16H – Rob Robillard

Pony – Heather Geiger

OTTB – Carla Neiser

Iberian – Penelope Hunt

Classic (Combination of horse and Rider Ages) – Penelope Hunt

Vintage (>50) – Rob Robillard

Master (>60) – Sandra Litvin

2022 Sponsors

We would like to thank the sponsors of DunMovin Dressage Days Amateur Only Dressage Show. Your support makes this show possible!!

Event Sponsors

Awards Sponsors

Westview Farm | Meredith & Michael Rotko

Division Sponsors

Long & Foster/Christie’s International Real Estate – Janet Rubino

Friends of Maresfield

Ribbon Sponsors

Jeffrey L. Rubin DVM DACVIM

Friend of the Show

French Creek Farrier


“You Win – They Win”

Division Sponsored Award
Canter your way to the top of your Division for a great prize and a generous donor will make a $250 contribution in your name to a charity of your choice! This is awarded to each Division.

 Lesley King Award

This award is given in memory of Lesley King and her horse Time Lord (aka Romy) to the competitor with the highest score at the highest level of the show.

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