DunMovin’ Dressage Days Results 2021

DunMovin’ Dressage Days Results 2021

Devon Fairgrounds

Leslie King Award 2021

Pam Murphy and Rosa Cha W, recipients of the Leslie King Award for 2021.

Once again it was an honor to present the Lesley King Inspiration Award at the Dunmovin Adult Amateur show and making it extra special this year was the fact it was held at the Devon Show Grounds, a place very close to Lesley’s heart. This year Pam Murphy and Rosa Cha W were the deserving recipients of this award riding PSG with a winning score of 67.059%.
I asked Pam to tell us their story………..
Most horses who founder on all four feet don’t make it … but Rosa Cha W isn’t like most horses. After a full year of stall rest (no walking, no hand grazing, no round pen – just total stall rest) she looked like she might be ok.

The only person not surprised by this was Silva Martin, her owner, trainer, rider and best friend. Many of you probably know that Rosa and Silva were super star dressage champions for many years and Silva had confidence that Rosa could come back. Fortunately Silva’s vet and good, good friend, Mary Griffin, knew it too.

With special shoes, a very restricted diet, and lots and lots of TLC, Rosa did come back. She isn’t quite strong enough to go the distance with Silva and compete at the CDI level anymore but she is back in full work as a very patient and, I believe, happy school master for me!

I am incredibly grateful that Silva decided Rosa might be happy with me and equally grateful that she is helping me build a really strong partnership with Rosa. I’ve had the ride since November and have worked hard to gain her trust and not bother her too much as she teaches me the upper level movements. The fact we were able to ride our first PSG at Devon in the Dixon Oval was a big achievement. To win the class was super exciting and then, to receive the Lesley King Award, was over the top huge.

I did not know Lesley personally but knew she was respected and admired for all her contributions, she was clearly an inspiration to many within our community. Pam and Rosa

Congrats Pam and Rosa Cha W our 2021 winners, you join from 2020 Annie Ireland and Consul, 2019 Heather Gaglione and Heart of Dixie, 2018 Christina Morin Graham and Bunny and the first recipient in 2017 Jean Good and Fie.
Thank you once again Doreen and her tireless volunteers and Barbara Jacobsen from the Engraver for supplying the beautiful halter. Les would be very happy.

You Win They Win Award 2021 Charities

Below are the charities the winners picked. Each charity received $250.

MidAtlantic Horse Rescue


Central PA Food Bank


Horses and Horizons Therapeutic Learning Center


Sarcoma Foundation of America


LaMancha Animal Rescue


Thank you to all of our 2021 Sponsors!!!

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