2024 Dressage Schooling Shows

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2024 Schooling Dressage Shows

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Rescheduled to
January 27th
Danielle Toscano (R-PA) 1/8Now Closes
January 22
February 24, 2024Cara Klothe (L-PA) 2/12 2/19RESULTS
March 23, 2024Judge Change:
Jennifer Brown (L*-MD)
3/11 Full
April 20, 2024David Ziegler (L-MD) 4/1 Full
Waitlist available
posted 4/10
May 11, 2024Trisha Hessinger (L*-PA) 4/22 5/3Enter
June 15, 2024Karen Monks Reilly (L*-PA) 5/27 6/7Enter
July 6, 2024Carol Lippa (L-PA) 6/17 6/28Enter
September 7, 2024Aviva Nebeski (L*-MD) 8/19 8/30Enter
October 26, 2024TBD 10/7 10/18Enter


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