Video Instruction

As our nation is faced with the current health crisis of COVID-19, many events have been cancelled or postponed.
To keep the spirit of “Horse Showing” DunMovin is offering an “Enter A Horse Show With A Deferred Payment Plan”

On Opening Date:

Fill Out the Entry Form[/one-fourth-first] [one-fourth]2.
Save Your Completed Form to your documents.[/one-fourth] [one-fourth]3.
Email your document with the attached file to [/one-fourth] [one-fourth]4.
Click here to watch a tutorial on how to fill out the entry form.[/one-fourth] On Opening Date:

  1. Fill out the Entry Form
  2. Save Completed Entry Form to your Documents
  3. Attach completed Entry Form to an email and send
  4. Click here  for a short tutorial on how to fill out the entry form.

Closing Date:

  1. If the show stays on schedule you will receive an invoice with entry balance.
  2. Click the payment button on the invoice. Payments are due within three days of the invoice date.
  3. Receipt of payment completes your entry.
  4. If show is cancelled I delete your entry.

Next show opens:

  1. Resend the form – since it is saved in your documents it is easy. Just open the document, change the date and classes if needed and save.  Then email the new entry on opening date.