Amateur Only Dressage Shows

At Dunmovin this year…………DEVON NEXT YEAR
Judge: Kem Barbosa (S)
Opens July 13th – Closes August 3rd
SHOW IS FULL AND CLOSED – Thank You for all the entries!!
Lot’s of wonderful prizes and ribbons!
  • 1-10 class placings
  • High Score Division Awards
  • Performance Awards
  • Specialty Awards:

Sponsorship Opportunities

Show Details: CLICK HERE for Amateur Only Prizelist and Entry Form

  • Amateur Status – Must be 22 years of age and have not trained any horse/rider combination for compensation. Please refer to USEF rules GR101, 1306, and 119.3
  • Entry Fee: $40.00/class
  • Only USPS Mailed Entries accepted – MUST BE POST MARKED OPENING DATE OR AFTER! No telephone,
    email, text, personal delivery or pay pal.
  • Incomplete Entries will be put on a waitlist until complete. This does not guarantee entrance into show!
  • Current proof of Negative Coggins (within a year) and Flu/Rhino (within 6 Months) with Entry.
  • Make Checks Payable to Dunmovin Enterprises LLC (Return Check Fee $35.00).Refunds after Opening Date minus $20 office fee; No Refund after Closing date (except those on the waitlist)
  • No rider substitutions permitted.
  • No class changes after closing date.
  • Formal show apparel optional.
  • Competitors may not cross enter Levels.
  • Classes will run in their entirety before being placed. No classes will be scheduled out of turn.
  • High Score Division Award/Champion at each Level will be the a
  • Average of 2 tests at the Level (except FEI).
  • Competitor is responsible to pick up award if not present when awarded.
  • Judges/management decisions are final.

Covid Show Protocols Schooling Show – Subject to change with enviroment